Products and Services

Ultra low power IC design

With a background in implantable device IC-design we have a natural feel for low power design as well as  on system and architecural level  as on the detailed circuit design.

Familiarity with sub-micron processes and lay-out allows us to achieve the best perfomance needed for your application.

We specialize in circuit design where parts of the circuit are needed to  operate outside the regular power supply lines. A thourough understanding of parasitic devices present in the process, latch-up and high-voltage operation is available to create succesful designs.


With a master's thesis in implantable telemetry this topic has led to several patents on implantable device telemetry. The author has been a member of the technical committee of the frequency management group of the CEPT's European Radio Office. During this membership standards for short range devices (SRD's) have been developed.

Radio Consultancy

Before you start a wireless project , you need to know what frequencies can be used, that is where we can help, with our knowledge of short range devices.

Acoustical Consultancy

Structural Acoustics, noise control of bars and pubs, we can help you with measures to isolate the noisy atmosphere from the environment.

PA design

Public  Adress systems, arrayable loudspeaker designs, or a specific loudspeaker solution for you application can be designed to your needs. The cross-over is part of the total design. We specialize in horn cabinet design for low and mid range to get maximum efficiency and precize coverage.

DSP design

The treatment of signals wether represented in discrete time or continuous time, is still in the hands of analog people. Using modern DSP's in your design gives you flexibility and precision for tasks that would otherwise be very difficult in the analog domain. We can help you create algorithms, design the system and architecture.